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Solid Oak Furniture

Solid Oak Furniture

Advantages to using Oak for your Furniture

There was an ancient time when every piece of furniture was made from solid wood. At that time no plastic furniture or metal furniture and certainly no veneers or other coatings were available. Obviously, a lot of changes have been made since those times and nowadays having solid wood furniture especially made by Solid Oak is more of a luxury than a common existence. If you are able to get a quality solid Oak furniture dealer, consider yourself lucky. Lets have a discussion about Solid oak Furniture available at our store.

Types of Solid Oak Furniture

Our popular Vancouver and Brooklyn Solid Oak Furniture available in the UK are Chest Drawer, Coffee Table, Cupboard, Sideboard, TV Unit, Chest of Drawers, Petite Bookcase, Bookcase, Lamp Table, Dining Chair and Dining Table, Petite Coffee Table, Petite Wardrobe, Double Bed, King Size Bed, wine bar, Wall Shelf, Cabinet Sideboards. You can also find us as Designer.Furniture on Google to order furniture online, and we will deliver your required furniture to your home.

Bedroom furniture

In the field of domestic bedroom furniture we supply items such as Single Beds, Double Beds, King size beds, Kid's beds, bedside tables, chest of drawers, etc are very popular for various styles and quality.

Dining Furniture

You will be getting various Dining Table sets including Tables and chairs that we can provide you, different Dining table sizes and chairs according to your needs.

Living room furniture

We have also included various Sofa sets, Arm Chairs, TV Units, Coffee Tables made with a combination of glass and wood in our list of Living room furniture.

Office Furniture

We cater for all kinds of office furniture such as staff tables and chairs sets with computer facilities, Directors chairs and table sets.

Features of our Oak furniture

Hardness of wood

Oak Wood is divided into two categories such as hardwoods or softwoods. The difference is not always seen in the actual hardness of any wood itself but in the botanical classification. Generally, hardwood trees are flowering and softwoods are conifers.

Colour of wood

The colour of the Oak you use for a piece of furniture is important because it will contribute to the character of the finished piece of wood. Some popular woods have exciting colours, while others are more varied. Sometimes a furniture maker will have a certain tone in mind for the piece and seek out a certain variety of wood to match.


The grain of the wood you have selected is going to show up on the finished piece of furniture, so it will require careful consideration. The species of trees have different cell structures which determines its grain types. Wood grain is either open-grained or close-grained, as determined size of the cells of wood. Some furniture makers have favourite woods that they like to use for the tone, feel or grain. There are some of the common woods that are used for solid wood furniture such as Sheesham, Acacia, Mango, Gum, Oak, Pine, Maple, Mahogany, Teak, etc. Various types of wood have different characteristics and marks that make them unique. If you become an experienced solid wood furniture veteran you will be able to distinguish between the different types of wood just by look, feel and lasting. Some popular woods are lightly coloured like oak and pine, while other people like mahogany in a rich and darkly coloured finish. For the customers the type of wood that they tend to use most often is a matter of taste and how it blends in with the other elements in the room and the overall design profile. In most cases, all of the pieces within a specific area or even within a whole house will be made from the same wood type.

Types of Solid Wood Furniture

Generally every piece of furniture that you might use inside your house can be designed from solid wood. Some pieces of wood will cost more or take longer to craft, but you can decorate most areas of your home in solid wood if you have the means. You can use solid oak wood furniture for things like Bed frames, Dressers, Mirror frames, Dining room table and chairs, Bedside tables, Chairs, Coffee tables, Lamp table, Hutches, TV units, DVD table, Wine bar units, etc. Oak is a traditional hardwood used in log furniture construction and it has a great rustic look, and your furniture can be made to show off its beautiful grain. You can get many benefits to using oak in your log furniture plans.

Advantages to Using Oak

Oak is a traditional wood material that can contribute to give a rustic theme in rooms. As Oak comes with a solid structure it is also very long lasting so you can use it in heavily used furniture pieces such as Beds, chairs, sideboards, dining tables and sofa frames. Solid Oak is also one of the most widely available woods, so it's not too costly. Oak also takes varnish and oil very well, resulting in a stylish piece of furniture that you will enjoy for long time.

Solid Oak Designer Furniture Shops in the UK

Why buy Oak furniture?

Oak is so sturdy and durable that it makes it a great option to go for when you are searching for quality wooden furniture for your home. And here at Designer Furniture, we offer some of the best oak furniture available on the oak furniture market, in a wide selection of ranges and products. From oiled oak to lacquered oak, reclaimed oak to American oak, our oak ranges are guaranteed to offer furniture that you will fall in love with.

We also offer the excellent brands from Besp-Oak furniture, for some of the best oak products around.

Here is our list of oak furniture ranges on our website to inspire you:

Oak Furniture for Your Home - A Buyer's Guide The benefits of buying oak furniture for your home are numerous. Above all, wooden furniture is highly attractive for household furnishing and oak is really the best of the best. Available in a variety of tones and colourings to suit, the warm character and meandering grain patterns make oak a popular choice that always looks good. But if you have never bought oak before, then choosing an item or a furniture range that is right for you can be a little tricky. This article guides you through the options available to you so that your oak furniture will leave you with a warm glow when you see it displayed in your home.

Your first decision needs to be whether to go for solid oak or veneer oak. Whilst solid oak is every discerning household's dream, veneer oak is still an excellent option. The obvious benefit of veneer is its price. Veneer furniture is made by gluing a wooden veneer over cheaper materials so it still recreates that oaken glow for your home, but is often a much cheaper option. While you can purchase veneer furniture of great quality, the downside is that it will simply never be as durable as solid wooden furniture. With a little TLC, it should be possible to hand solid wooden furniture down from generation to generation. Oak is one of the best choices in hard wearing woods and if any scratches or rough marks appear, furniture can simply be gently sanded down and waxed or oiled to restore its fine character.

Clearly the disadvantage of solid oak is its price; it can make a hefty dent in your wallet but when you consider its longevity, it may well be an investment for the future. In terms of quality, it's also important to look at how the item is made. If it has drawers or shelves, are they properly jointed or simply glued together? Dovetail jointing means a sturdier piece of furniture which is guaranteed to last longer. Next you want to think about the choosing a colour and style for your home.

Oak furnishings are so common that they are manufactured in a wide range of designs, from contemporary designs to traditional collections, so it should not be too hard to track down a range that will work in your home. Browsing through any good online furniture shop should provide you with plenty of options. Oak designer furniture comes in a variety of colours, from pale oak to dark browns to rich, earthy oranges. This is due to a variety of factors, including where the oak was grown, whether it is reclaimed oak (which is often darker and rougher, full of character) or not, and how it has been finished. Considering how a range has been finished is very important.

The finishing process not only provides a protective coating but it also alters the final character of the wood. Painted furniture obviously covers up the natural aspect of the grain but white painted wooden furniture can be attractive, especially in bedrooms. The final factor to consider is pricing. As previously mentioned, solid wood furniture is more expensive than veneer furniture, but you may well find it's worth it. Once you have settled on the perfect piece of wooden furniture for your home, don't forget to shop around a bit. There are lots of online furniture stores that sell the same ranges at varying prices. Do your research and you will get a bargain as well as beautiful oak furniture - a combination that will really leave you smiling.