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Visco Mattresses

Our mattresses are made by Visco Therapy who are British manufacturers, our vast range of amazing Visco Therapy Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses can be delivered in a couple of days direct to your door. Our Visco Therapy mattress collection includes a wide range of mattresses from inexpensive spring mattresses to mid foam and premium range memory foam mattresses along with high quality latex mattresses providing the best possible support to your spine allowing your body to immediately find the best sleeping position, reducing tossing and turning. You can choose silent mattress with no springs or pick a mattress with a pocket spring or a traditional coil spring system that provide support but also bouncy comfort which materials such as memory foam cannot do alone. A reflex foam boundary, that is used to prevent you from rolling off the mattress, gives an elastic ability which allows it to conform to your body shape to relieve pressure points across the body. The Visco mattresses come in two ranges, the Memory Foam range and the Reflex Foam range offering different sizes and density but whatever you decide on, you can be sure you will enjoy the overall quality and comfort that will serve you well for years to come. The mattresses are naturally hypo-allergenic with anti-dust mite features, protected by dry cleanable zip off cover and delivered vacuum packed and rolled. Why not treat yourself to a new bed frame whist you are ordering a mattress, we have a great selection of beds in all sizes and materials.

We have your mattress requirements covered here at Designer Furniture, and all with quick nationwide delivery.