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Visco Therapy Impressions Cool Indigo Mattress

Cooling Pleasure. CoolIndigo25 has been developed and engineered to offer the same feel and pressure relieving properties as the equivalent density (65-75kg/m) visco-elastic memory foam but without the associated heat discomfort.
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The new Visco Therapy Impression CoolIndigo 25 has been developed for the ultimate in sleep comfort and support. By incorporating cutting edge Impression CoolIndigo25 memory foam you can be assured of all the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam without experiencing any heat discomfort associated with regular visco elastic memory foam. Developed by NASA, memory foam is a unique layer of high density visco-elastic polymer gel which is heat and pressure sensitive. Recommended by chiropractors and doctors alike, it gives an elastic ability which allows it to conform to your body shape to relieve pressure points across the body. This improves blood circulation and improves your sleep. Feel safe and assured that you are buying a product that has been manufactured within the UK by us and conforms to all British fire regulations.
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